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28th Mar 2012: Sorry for the delay with this update - v2.2 bugfix to actually let it work on other networks is live for the sidebar. Proper update coming soon!

30th Oct 2011: Version 2.0 for all platforms is online now. Get it while it's hot! This version uses the Cabbage server to send SMS so it's Meteor QuickText no longer! It's a little slower than v1.8 but It should now work with any Irish network and should be a lot more stable in future. This version has Group SMS and Gmail sync and more. Enjoy!

COMING SOON: got suggestions?

QuickText is a free SMS program for Irish mobile users to send free sms messages straight from a desktop or laptop computer. The system works by automatically logging into your web account at high speed and using one of your 300 free monthly webtexts that network providers (Meteor, 02, Three Mobile, Vodafone, eMobile and O2 UK) offer their customers. You dont have to deal with messy log in forms or slow webpages. It is all free and perfectly legal.

There are currently a few versions of the program available. Please see the downloads section for a description of each. QuickText takes a few minutes to install and setup.

Please read the installation instructions carefully!



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No spyware, adware, trojans, worms or viruses of any kind 100% guaranteed!

You can download the latest version of QuickText absolutely free using the links below:

vista logowin7

Windows Gadget (best)

This snazzy version sits in your vista or windows 7 sidebar. Just tap the windows key + G whenever you want to send a text! This is the quickest and easiest version to install.

** Windows 64bit user?
You need to install this hotfix to get QuickText Gadget working. (it just fixes a bug in windows)

xp logo
XP - Desktop Embed

This version can be nested in your windows desktop. It becomes part of your desktop background and does not need to be closed or minimised when not in use. It does not appear in your taskbar or system tray and uses almost zero system resources when not in use. Just tap the windows key + D whenever you want to send a text! Please read the installation instructions carefully! (below)

xp logo
Standard Installer

This version runs like a normal windows program. Run at startup and double click the Q icon in the system tray to hide/show the program. Please read the installation instructions carefully! (below)

mac logomac logo
Basic browser version

This version should run through a web browser on any Operating system, including mobiles that support flash 10. You may need to adjust your security settings to allow the swf internet access. Follow the exe installation instructions but change the allowed directory to wherever you have your swf saved

Installation Instructions:

Tips & Tricks

About the login button...

Send a message without using the mouse...

  1. Type your message in the box
  2. Press the TAB key when you're finished
  3. Type the first few letters of the name of the person you want to send the message to
  4. Tap Enter/Return twice to send the message

Automatically shrink your message if it wont fit...

Using the exe version...

How to skin QuickText with your own design...

QuickText Stealth

Sync your contacts across multiple computers (Cloud Contacts)...

Since QuickText v1.8, your contacts have been automatically saved on the QuickText server (known as the cloud). To sync these contacts to a new computer, simply install QuickText and enter your username/pin and press save.

About the reset button...

Clicking the reset button will wipe the contacts, message history and preferences stored on your PC. After you press it, you can press the save button to also wipe your cloud contacts from the QuickText server. Be warned: unless you have a backup, all contacts will be deleted permanently.

How to directly move/copy/backup your contacts list...

This is very handy if you want to move computers or copy your contacts list between your laptop/desktop, home/work,etc

Windows users can download the QuickText backup utility:

vista logo xp logo
Download Backup utility


Mac/Linux users will need to follow these instructions: (advanced users only!)

Handy HotKeys

QuickText makes it as easy as possible to send a text. In fact you don't need to use the mouse at all if you know the right hotkeys.

Latest Changes

Version 2.1 Released 30th Oct 2011 - NEW FEATURES!

Version 1.85 Released 21st May 2010 - NEW FEATURES!

Version 1.6 Released 26th November 2009

Version 1.5 Released 21st February 2009 - NEW FEATURES!

Version 1.4 Released 29th August 2008

Version 1.3 Released 27th July 2008

Version 1.2 Released 7th December 2007

Version 1.1 Released 29th August 2007
Please note: This version uses a more stable method of saving contacts which is not compatible with version 1.0. Please see the tips and tricks above for information on how to copy your contacts from version 1.0 to version 1.1. You will never need to do this again when updating.


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